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Our Mission

Our mission is to enrich children with learning while having fun in a safe, clean and comfortable environment. You can rest assured that while your working, your children are being cared for by loving, nurturing, qualified and highly professional instructors. At Mary's Little Lambs Learning Center, LLC children will play, learn and grow to achieve their full potential. We prepare children for school and keep school-aged friends ready for the following school year with fun hands-on learning activities.


Our Services: 

If you need additional services, please contact us in the form at the bottom of the page.

Infant Program - Wondrous One's

Infants are protected, loved and nurtured by warm and caring teachers.  Daily reports are sent home which includes meals, diaper changes, nap and play times. Babies are held during bottle feedings, rocked to sleep, read and sang to and taught basic American Sign Language to learn how to express themselves before beginning to talk. Daily social interactions between babies are vital in their progression of reaching milestones. 

Toddler Program (18 mo. - 36 mo.) - Terrific Two's 

Toddlers are encouraged to explore and learn to discover and show awareness of their surroundings. We have consistent routines, model appropriate behaviors, encourage independence, establish awareness of other children's feelings and teach children to be confident by offering choices of play. We embark on the milestones toddler's are reaching as vocabulary and comprehension increases as well as cognitive and physical devolvement.

Pre - School Program - Extraordinary Three's & Fantastic Four's

We teach vital skills to be successful entering into school. Our circle time routine is filled with enriching activities where children learn through fun and exciting opportunities to expand their skills and knowledge.  

School - Aged Program - Spectacular School Friends

We offer daily homework assistance. Children are taught on their skill level when schools are closed and summer vacation. Children will explore with safe science experiments, creative play with music and art, and on-site summer activities.

Curriculum for Infants and Toddlers:

We will focus on Developmental Areas of Personal and Social (show awareness to other children, building their abilities show independence) Language (building vocabulary, using words to express themselves, exploring drawing, painting, and writing as ways to expressing themselves) Cognitive (showing awareness of surroundings, explore objects in various ways, using senses to investigate and solve Physical (fine and gross motor skills, increased hand-eye coordination, being able to do things for themselves). We will also have objectives for the week: Letter, Color, Number, American Sign Language Word and Spanish Word.

Infant objectives will be individualized such as learning a new word, body part, ASL etc.

Curriculum for Preschool and School-Aged Children:

Storytime, phonics awareness, sight words, word families, reading and writing (name, address, phone number, shapes) mathematics (adding, subtracting, counting up and down, money, problem solving) social studies (where we live, our country, our state, our county and neighborhood, history about Maryland), Science (simple experiments/reasoning/predictions and outcomes), social skills (taking turns/using manners and being thoughtful of others) music (fingerplays/nursery rhymes, and kids bop) and art (painting/drawing/coloring, and crafts), Physical Education (recess and sports).

Additional Benefits Included:

Meals and Snacks 

We offer healthy meals and snacks which are posted weekly.

Introduction to American Sign Language and Spanish

All children will be taught ASL. Spanish will be introduced once in the two-year-old program and thereafter.


Our Cu​rriculums Used:

Healthy Beginnings - Birth through Three Years of Age: Early learning guidelines are observed and measured through personal and social development, language development, cognitive development, physical development based on indicators and activities.

The Creative Curriculum for Family Child Care

Common Language Standards are used from Ready for Kindergarten Maryland which includes: Social Foundations, Language and Literacy, Mathematics and Physical Well-Being and Motor Development.

 Some of our lesson plans are gathered from School Improvement in Maryland

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